Jamee Eggett, RDH

Jamee Eggett, RDH
Young Innovations

Jamee’s love and passion for dentistry began when she was only 12 years old through her amazing hygienist who mentored her throughout her childhood and career. She started in dentistry in 2002 as an orthodontic assistant, but then went on to hygiene school and has been practicing Dental Hygiene for the last 14 years. She has practiced in Wyoming, Utah, & Nevada. She recently has started branching out of the op with The Dental Peeps Network, onDiem, and Young Innovations. She loves being in the op, but also loves connecting and networking with other dental professionals outside the op!!

Course Name:

Fluoride Best Practices and Taking the NO out of Fluoride

Course Description:

Routine fluoride for all children up to age 14-16 is not supported by the ADA Evidence- Based Clinical Practice Guidelines. Many adults can benefit from professionally applied fluoride and some children may not need it. Dental benefits are moving toward payment based on best practices/clinical guidelines. Using current codes is required whether filing for benefits or basic record keeping. Coding and coverage are not the same. Reimbursements will be tied to outcomes in the future. This one-hour course focuses on something we think we already know, yet times have changed with care based on risk and evidence. Knowing all about the science and technology of a fluoride varnish helps you connect the dots as a practitioner, but it rarely helps you explain the benefits to the patient in a way that helps them accept the recommendation you are making for their oral health. Together we will take the dental terminology and turn it into phrases that help patients connect the dots about the benefits a varnish can give them, especially in a day and age when people are more resistant than ever to “upselling,” or hearing things online that make them question fluoride and its benefits vs. risks