Frances Tryon, RDH, BS

Frances Tryon
Frances Tryon, RDH, BS
Trainer at OraVu Endoscope

Frances has been in the dental field for 35 years. She began as a dental assistant and went on to graduate from the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s in dental Hygiene. Frances credits her thirst for knowledge from the wonderful dentist she has worked with that always encouraged her to continue learning. She holds licenses in Texas, Utah and Colorado. Frances has worked in general and periodontal practice, adjunct teacher at UVU, had her own practice and is now an international trainer/speaker for OraVU in endoscopy.

Course Name:

Sub-gingival Endoscopic Visualization as a Diagnostic & Treatment Tool for Periodontal disease.


Course Description: 

This course will demonstrate the role of periodontal endoscopy in non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease and peri-implant diseases. The use of sub-gingival visualization allows the clinician to thoroughly decontaminate the tooth and implant surface. This creates an ideal environment for gingival attachment and in some cases, bone regeneration. The utilization of periodontal endoscopy in conjunction with other treatment aids such as lasers and biofilm management is a non–invasive, tissue sparing technique that restores health. Combined with individualized patient care to reduce host inflammation, enhanced visualization is a powerful tool that will prove to be the new standard of care in non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease.